We conduct research and write issue briefs, reports and calls to action that help frame issues, educate stakeholders and build support for coordinated and strategic action.


Equity Matters was developed to accompany the launch of the the New Orleans Education Equity Index website. It uses disaggregated data to assess how public schools in New Orleans are performing across dozens of measures of educational equity. The New Orleans Equity Index was designed in partnership with community stakeholders.

Challenging Criminalization: How New Orleans Criminalizes Women, Girls, Youth, and LGBTQ and the Latinx People explores the criminal justice systems through the experiences of communities not often centered in the current debates about reforming the New Orleans criminal justice system.

A Call to Improve Third-Grade Reading Proficiency was issued by Converge in partnership with the Institute of Mental Hygiene and the United Way of Southeast Louisiana to draw attention to the alarming rate at which low income children of color in New Orleans are not reaching the critical milestone of learning to read by the end of the third grade.