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3 Ways to Center Racial Equity in Your Strategic Planning

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Hilary Roach

Hilary Roach

Senior Consultant, Converge Consulting


Many organizations regularly invest in strategic planning to grow their businesses, remain competitive, and decide how to measure success.
However, many modern strategic plans are falling short to deliver their desired objectives due to outdated approaches, lack of long-term goal clarity, and a failure to identify the necessary resources for successful implementation.

The traditional strategic planning model is no longer adequate in today’s ever-changing business climate. While many leaders see strategic planning as a cost and not an investment, the reality is that successful implementation of a well-developed, equity-centered strategic plan can have a tremendous positive impact on organizational growth and sustainability.

What You’ll Gain:

Strategies to operationalize racial equity in your strategic planning
Increased Success Potential 
Greater Clarity and Focus 
Improved Decision-Making

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