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June 18, 2024

The Black Catalyst Fund: Building Power & Community


Converge’s Lead Senior Consultant, Hilary Roach, interviews Marcus Bass, Executive Director of Advance North Carolina and co-founder of the Black Catalyst Fund, about the origins and mission of the Black Catalyst Fund. Bass highlights the need for independent political power, particularly within the Black community, in response to systemic disenfranchisement and the influence of corporate interests in politics. He emphasizes the importance of organizations led by Black individuals to collaborate, strategize, and create resources for thriving communities.

Bass explains the significance of local power building, especially in the context of local elections and their impact on everyday issues such as school boards and county commissions. He points out the disparity in funding between organizations of color and white-led organizations and calls for courage from philanthropic entities to invest in communities that have historically been underfunded.

Addressing current global and local conflicts, Bass finds hope in the youth, who he believes are pushing for substantial societal change. He stresses the importance of listening to and supporting young people as they drive movements for justice and equity.