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Landscape Scan Research

  • Case Study:
    Blue Meridian Partners-Southern Landscape Scan

Blue Meridian Partners (BMP) is a philanthropic model for finding and funding scalable solutions to the problems that limit economic mobility. In 2021, BMP wanted to support their Place Matters Portfolio in leading a landscape analysis of the United States Southern region that builds upon a set of work to date and supports the identification of partners that are driving learning, exchange, support, and policy shifts across the South. To address the challenges of the South, BMP is developing a regional strategy that is grounded in a vision of driving economic and social mobility across a comprehensive framework that includes a focus on cradle-to-career education outcomes, social, economic, and political capita, built environment, and public systems and infrastructure. 

Converge is currently working with and supporting key BMP and Place Matters staff to advance this body of work. Converge conducted a thorough review of the initial data conducted by BMP, and worked collaboratively with BMP staff leaders to support the overall direction of the project and to identify data resources and connections. Converge is planning to conduct a two-phase data collection (surveys and interviews) to better understand the role of key organizations addressing economic and social mobility issues in the region, ultimately building towards the development of a final report and set of recommendations.