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Converge College Coach Certification Program

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Converge College is the newest business line for Converge Consulting LLC. Converge Consulting LLC was founded by Takema Robinson-Llewellyn in 2016 and is a Black woman owned social-justice consulting firm whose purpose is to accelerate the creation of a radically just new world, where communities of color thrive. We use an organizing framework to shift power so communities of color are self-defined and self-determined. To do this, we organize people and resources to build a robust social justice infrastructure to enable strong leaders, organizations and movements to grow.
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Racial-Intersectional Equity Coaching Certification

As the demand for equity within organizations increases, we devised a unique solution to equip organizations and their external advisors with a system to implement equitable practices and policies in their work. We are pleased to introduce a coaching certification to allow experienced non profit professionals and consultants to add to their existing skillsbase. The RISE Coaching Certification program is a three-week certification that focuses on the RISE approach to coaching leaders toward equity change and organizational management. Upon successful completion of certification program leaders will:

  • Advance your knowledge of equity gaps that exist in the non-profit ecosystem
  • Expand your ability to coach organizational leadership towards operationalizing and actualizing equity work.
  • Enhance your facilitation skills to support decision-making and change management that guides leaders towards results.
  • Obtain a one year license to coach leaders utilizing the RISE coaching model.

For questions regarding the RISE Coaching Certification program, please contact Nia Davis, Converge College Dean, at [email protected].

future opportunities:

Successful certification completers may have the opportunity to be to serve as coaches for the students enrolled in the 12 week course. Converge plans to consider RISE Certified Coaches for paid opportunities to serve Converge College students.

certification process:

The certification training will be delivered in a blended model that consists of self study and weekly live interactive sessions via Zoom. Participants must attend all sessions to earn their certification.

ideal participants:

The ideal participant is an experienced nonprofit professional or consultant who is seeking to add an additional income stream to their existing portfolio of services. This person is also well versed in two or more of the following areas of nonprofit management: organizational development, strategic planning, governance or human resources. In addition, this candidate has the capacity to provide equity training, support and coaching services​.
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Application Process and Timeline

The application timeline for the 2022 cohort of the RISE Coach Certification is forthcoming. Please complete the interest form to receive the announcement for the 2022 recruitment cycle.
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RISE Coaching Certification Application