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Converge for Change: The Business of Social Justice

S2E1: Black Women & Philanthropy Pt. 1

October 13, 2020

In the first episode of Season 2, Takema interviews Toya Randall, the phenomenal woman behind Voice.Vision.Value. live on the Converge IG. The conversation explores the importance of the role Black women hold in philanthropy along with the hardships of navigating that very system, the need for Black people in hiring positions to step-up and explores the question, does America deserve Black women?

Voice. Vision. Value. Black Women Leading Philanthropy is a digital narrative project housed at Foundation for Louisiana. The project celebrates the leadership impact of Black women in professional philanthropy today. It also honors the iconic trailblazers that paved the way for the historic professional community of Black women CEOs, trustees, senior executives, administrative assistants, program officers, grants managers, and program associates across the current talent and leadership pipeline.

Converge, Founded by Takema Robinson-Llewellyn, in 2016, is a Black woman-owned social-justice consulting firm whose purpose is to accelerate the creation of a radically just new world, where communities of color thrive. The firm uses an organizing framework to shift power so communities of color are self-defined and self-determined. To do this, Converge organizes people and resources to build a robust social justice infrastructure to enable strong leaders, organizations, and movements to grow.