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Converge for Change: The Business of Social Justice

S2E2: Black Women & Philanthropy Pt. 2

October 24, 2020

Takema interviews Kelli King-Jackson (The Simmons Foundation). and Katrina Mitchell (United Way of Greater Atlanta). The conversation explores the hardships of being Black and a women in the industry, the lessons learned in Hurricane Harvey that applied to 2020 -COVID & Hurricane Laura-  and asks how real is the profession of philanthropy?

Converge, Founded by Takema Robinson-Llewellyn, in 2016, is a Black woman-owned social-justice consulting firm whose purpose is to accelerate the creation of a radically just new world, where communities of color thrive. The firm uses an organizing framework to shift power so communities of color are self-defined and self-determined. To do this, Converge organizes people and resources to build a robust social justice infrastructure to enable strong leaders, organizations, and movements to grow.