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Converge for Change: The Business of Social Justice

S3E3: Facing the Firestorm: DEI Backlash & Building Resilience

June 17, 2024

After a hiatus, Converge for Change: The Business of Social Justice Podcast returns! In this episode, Converge Founder & CEO, Takema Robinson, explores the topic of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I) and the backlash happening in this space with guest, Kristi Henderson.

Henderson, shares her personal journey and how she became involved in DE&I work. Kristi discusses the importance of advocating for Black people and communities of color in various industries and the role of black women in creating opportunities for others.

Tune in for more:

– The intersection of PR, marketing, and social impact, as well as the need for joy and self-care in the face of injustice.

-Explore the current state of DE&I efforts, the challenges faced, and the future of DE&I.

– The importance of true organizers and activists in driving change and suggested strategies for fortifying advances in DE&I.

-The need to redefine joy and find hope in the midst of injustice.

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00:00 The Importance of DEI and the Backlash

08:48 Black Women as Advocates and Opportunity Creators

15:41 The Intersection of PR, Marketing, and Social Impact

25:29 The Challenges and Setbacks in DE&I Efforts

36:25 Recognizing the Intersections of DE&I with Other Movements

41:27 Strategies for Fortifying Advances in DE&I

45:40 Finding Joy in the Midst of Injustice

47:38 Redefining Joy and Personal Fulfillment

52:16 Legacy Work: Using Skills and Platform for Positive Impact