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racial and intersectional equity (r.i.s.e.) in the workspace

This Introductory Training will enable attendees to understand Converge’s framework and begin to apply Racial and InterSectional Equity (R.I.S.E.) in the workspace.

R.I.S.E. brings to fruition nearly 20 years of experience in creating radical change in communities and workspaces in areas of diversity, race and equity. In this workshop, Converge presents its proprietary R.IS.E. framework and demonstrates how it is vastly superior to the hollow DEI promises of the past. By intentionally redesigning work culture around an intersectional analysis of systemic oppression and racism, organizations can greatly benefit from more robust internal infrastructures in which ALL employees can thrive and grow.
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Key Definitions

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radical imagination

We are the freedom dreams of our ancestors and the architects of a future for the coming generations.
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We believe liberation demands people access their power to uphold the humanity and dignity of all people.
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Collective Action

We believe dismantling historic oppression requires collective and strategic action to create a radically just new world.
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The Converge logo is a stylized version of “Nsaa,” the Adinkra symbol for excellence and authenticity, two of Converge’s founding core values. It pays homage to the power and resiliency of the Black people who helped build the South and embedded Adinkra symbols throughout the historic and remarkable iron work of New Orleans as an act of cultural resistance.
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As a Principal and co-founder at Converge, Takema leads our firm’s philanthropic strategy practice, which intentionally connects local and national philanthropic investments with social justice initiatives across the region. Previously Takema served as the Senior Program Associate for Education and Community Change at the Winthrop Rockefeller Foundation.
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Ethical Procurement

Consistent with its commitment to advancing racial equity, Converge seeks to spend its money with businesses that are led by people of color, pay livable wages, and align with our values and purpose.

Consistent with our commitment to advancing racial equity, Converge seeks to ensure that we contract with vendors and service providers based on ethical procurement criteria. We seek out vendors as partners that are e.g. led by people of color, pay livable wages, and align with our core values and purpose. Whenever possible, Converge purchases materials and services that are sourced locally from local, minority-owned businesses. This includes office supplies, memberships, technical solutions, and various other products utilized within our business.

Converge is a proud member of the New Orleans Regional Black Chamber of Commerce.