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Devin Theobold

Director of Operations

Devin Theobold

Devin Theobold serves as Converge Consulting’s Director of Operations, overseeing the Operations, Finance, and Legal Departments. Devin is a results-oriented and strategic minded professional with a proven track record of driving operational excellence and achieving business objectives with over 10+ years of experience in similar roles of leading cross functional teams and managing complex operational processes.

Devin received a B.S. in Business Administration with a double minor in Marketing and Finance from the University of New Orleans, laying the foundation for his versatile skill set and success in his role as Director of Operations.

Devin is a native of New Orleans, LA, having grown up in the New Orleans metropolitan area. In his spare time, Devin is an avid consumer of political biographies, documentaries, and books on human sociology. He finds inspiration and insights from the lives and perspectives of influential figures and societal dynamics. Devin is also an avid supporter of nature and wildlife conservation efforts; actively supporting initiatives that protect and sustain our planet’s precious natural resources and diverse ecosystems.

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