Li Ma

Senior Consultant

Li Ma

Li Ma works as a Senior Consultant who specializes in research and community development projects. She is passionate about social justice issues, particularly the intersections of class, gender and race. Li takes a data-driven, intersectional, and entrepreneurial approach to solving complex problems about how disadvantaged communities can be empowered. 

Li currently executes the Blue Meridian Partners Southern Landscape Scan Research project by developing a theoretical framework and data collection protocols, while supporting two other workstreams of the Blue Meridian Partners investment strategies. She also supports the Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation’s two-year Democracy initiative project, particularly the research components.

Li Ma holds a PhD in sociology from Cornell University. Previously, Li has worked on many research projects in higher education and published seven scholarly books. In her spare time, Li and her family enjoy going to art events, walking nature trails, and cooking good Chinese food.

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