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Lorraine Canty

Lorraine Canty is the dedicated Executive Assistant to Takema Robinson, CEO of Converge. With over a decade of experience in the public and non-profit sectors, Lorraine brings a wealth of expertise to her role as the primary point of contact for the Office of the CEO. Her academic journey, including a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from UMBC and an MBA from George Mason University, reflects her unique blend of empathy for the human condition and a strong business acumen.

Unlike your typical executive assistant, Lorraine is a versatile professional known for her prowess in building relationships, seamlessly coordinating amidst chaos, and championing a culture of inclusivity and growth. Her love for yoga and meditation underscores her commitment to holistic well-being. Beyond her professional dedication, Lorraine is passionately mission-driven, with a deep desire to make a positive impact in underserved communities and historically marginalized groups.

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