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Nia J. Davis
Senior Consultant

Nia J. Davis

Nia serves as a Senior Consultant for Converge who specializes in examining policies and procedures through an equity lens. In her professional career, Nia has worked to amplify the voices of people made marginalized with an approach that centers intersectionality and humanity. At Converge, Nia is responsible for providing thoughtful and collaborative service delivery to a variety of clients and projects. With analysis that is rooted in racial and intersectional equity, Nia works to challenge systems of oppression embedded into everyday practices.

Nia currently supports the Release the Pressure (RTP) project for Converge. This includes assisting an ongoing coalition partnership of the American Heart Association, American Medical Association, American Medical Association Foundation, Association of Black Cardiologists, Minority Health Institute, and the National Medical Association.

Nia graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a B.A. in Psychology and from the University of Pittsburgh with a Masters in Social Work with a concentration in Community, Organizing, and Social Action. In her spare time, Nia enjoys binge watching true crime documentaries, trying new recipes, and finding new games to play on her Nintendo Switch.