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Tristian Williams

Chief Strategy Officer

Tristian Williams

Tristian Williams joins Converge as an accomplished professional with a varied background that encompasses high-performing global marketing leadership responsible for millions in revenue, leading sales performance in a Fortune 1000 organization, innovative management consulting that helped chief leaders reimagine their strategy to better serve customers and employees, and operations that helped a small business scale past 7 figures in revenue with a single service.

As Converge’s Chief Strategy Officer, Tristian coalesces business development, sales, marketing, and communications into unified business strategy. He leverages Converge’s organizational identity and values to imagine innovative partnership strategies and media campaigns that inspire deep connections with Converge’s national audience and stakeholders.

Prior to joining Converge, Tristian served as the founder and principal consultant for Boomloop Group and is also the author of Fruition Power: How to Lead Well, Achieve More & Conquer Overwhelm. As a proud Chicagoan, Tristian is an avid supporter of Chicago sports, art, music, and food.

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