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July 8, 2020

Converge Joins Unanimous Jury Coalition to Amend Louisiana Constitution

Among the diverse set of client partners and projects that I work with as a member of the Converge team, I am proud to be part of the Unanimous Jury Coalition.

Converge, as a Coalition partner, is advocating for the passage of Amendment #2 on Election Day (November 6th).  Amendment #2 will require all verdicts in felony criminal court cases to be unanimous. Currently, Louisiana and Oregon are the only states in the country without unanimous juries. The history of non-unanimous juries in Louisiana is based in white supremacy and racism. It has had a discriminatory impact on black people in the state for over 100 years.  

The Coalition is made up of diverse bipartisan stakeholders from all over Louisiana that want reform to promote fairness in our judicial system and for every voice to be heard. Converge Principal Takema Robinson released a statement on the the November 6th Election and the importance of changing this unjust law. You can watch it here

Forty percent of Louisiana’s wrongful convictions come from non-unanimous juries. When a jury deliberates about taking away a person’s life and liberty, every voice matters. For that reason, Converge and I are proud members of the Unanimous Jury Coalition and support the passage of Amendment #2 on Election Day, November 6th. #YesOn2

Resources for the upcoming election: